Status 0.9.30 at Cryptolife and Devcon

We are presenting Status to the ethereum community at our own hackathon and devcon later this month, and so it is important that the next release 0.9.30 is stable, secure, and reliable.

I strongly encourage everyone to be involved in release testing so we can do our best effort and ensure a seamless experience for users at these events. In particular, if there is something that you believe should be fixed, improved, or addressed please shout out now.

So want to be involved? Subscribe to notifications in the 0.9.30 github issue and follow along with updates and grab build links. And be sure to speak up if there are ways to improve this release. We only have one shot at this so let’s make it count.

After a flurry of features and fixes 0.9.30 is undergoing final testing!

Grab the release here and make sure the app is running smoothly.

If all goes well 0.9.30 will be released tomorrow Oct 25th.