Status Content Articles/Blog Campaign - For v1.4, 1.5 and 1.6

Status Content Articles/Blog Campaign

By: Ken Berey

Rules & Qualifications:

  • All bounty participants are required to join, download status app and follow Status Social Media.

Telegram Groups:

  • Must be newbie or higher and at least 2 months old prior to posting this thread.

  • Articles/blog posts should be 100% original, have a minimum of 500 words.

  • Articles/blog posts must contain graphic material (images) and a link to Status website and it’s whitepaper.

  • Aritcles/blog posts must have unique content (copying on other thread, bounty thread, news website will not be allowed).

  • Articles/blog posts must be published on some popular platform like steemit, medium, publish0x, uptrennd, etc. and must be accessible publicly.

  • blog accounts must be 3 months old and have a decent amount of readers.

-Video Reviews must be relevant to the topic, meaningful, competently created and must highlight its features (v1.4-6, keycard)

-Video Reviews should be at least 2 minutes long and have good visual and audio quality.

-Video Reviews must include the link of the official Status website

-Youtube Channel should have at least 300 subscribers

-All Major languages are accepted.

-Duplicate contents posted across many other media outlets will only count as one

-Max. 3 entries per participant will be accepted.

-Plagiarism is not allowed and accepted and will result in disqualification

-A big plus if the entries submitted and reach thousands of audiences.

Please let me know if this approves and let us discussed the prizes! @jonathan

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Nice @kcrypto.whisperer. Im not entirely sure what the ask is here but it seems like some criteria and guidelines for accepting new ambassador material and tasks for the upcoming releases.

I defer to @Jinho on criteria for ambassador work as he has managed the details of the program to date. I would suggest that we do not limit someone ability to participate based on the amount of followers they have (i.e “Youtube Channel should have at least 300 subscribers”).

Jinho has the budget and is working on payout structure for tasks completed.

Nice work and thanks for pushing this forward!


Thanks for the proposal, @kcrypto.whisperer :slight_smile: Your point on the plagiarism was something I missed.

As Jonny said, the ambassador program should be open to everyone. Although the compensations should depend on the performance of tasks, we should give everyone the same opportunity to push something forward as an ambassador.

Also, the payout structure will be made public on the ambassador website soon so let me ping you as soon as I update the landing page(I think we can do it someday next week). Please help promote the ambassador program for the Filipino community when everything is ready to go.

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Sure no worries, Actually I already whispered this from Filipino community, and they’re excited because of the reward, benefits, kits, etc.

The term would be = Learn while Earn on Status by applying Status Ambassador :wink: :wink: