Status Desktop - alpha 3

Status Desktop - alpha.3

The third alpha release of Desktop is here!

Please note that this version is an alpha meant for testing purposes by core contributors and the community. It’s not meant for real use and makes no claims of security or integrity of funds or data in these builds.

We plan to release every 1-2 weeks. Please report issues/bugs in the Status Desktop channel or at Issues · status-im/status-desktop · GitHub

mac users: on first run, you need to right click → open (due to new apple requirements for notarization); if in the applications folder, then you need to manually open the folder, right click → open





  • Ensure the firewall is allowing the status app
  • There is some known UI issues on windows still but be sure to let the team know if you see them

Some Highlights since previous version:

  • Windows support
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Dark Theme
  • offline support
  • mentions (linkify @username messages, autocomplete for @ mentions, display @ on the channel message counter)
  • support running desktop side by side with other status-go instances (like ios simulator, or dev desktop)
  • use OS path for data folder (allows updates without starting over)
  • device pairing & account syncing
  • compact mode (note: disabled by default)
  • Using stimbus/nim-status under the hood
  • emojis selector
  • sending & receiving images in 1 on 1 chats
  • emoji reaction menu (wip)
  • stickers selector, support paid stickers (wip)
  • display images from urls (note: disabled by default in the security settings)
  • i18n support (note: seems to not work on the packaged version, we’re investigating)
  • support message replies
  • lots of UI fixes & improvements for the chat
  • lots of UI fixes & improvements for ther wallet
  • display disconnected warning when there is no internet connection
  • profile section UI overhaul
  • contact management
  • fix misc scrolling issues (i.e autoscrolling fixes, warn about new messages, etc…)
  • fixes for ENS usernames
  • badge for unread messages
  • Sounds (for message sent, error, and notifications)
  • load older messages on scrollup
  • lots of under the hood improvements to deal with errors
  • fixes for login hang
  • fix balance display in the wallet
  • center window on start, avoid issues with dual monitors
  • support retry sending messages
  • support markdown in messages
  • support /shrug and /tableflip commands
  • use threads under the hood for misc tasks
  • display QR code for profile & accounts

If you are interested to contribute to Status Desktop please check out the new documentation, it includes overview, tutorials & guides.


Normal mode, light Theme:

Compact mode, light Theme:

Compact mode, dark Theme:

Profile overhaul:


Here’s an example of what’s known to be buggy on Windows:

In that screen and in other contexts where the three-word chat name should appear, it doesn’t. Hopefully we’ll have that fixed in time for alpha.4!