Status Desktop Beta 1.0 "hangs" on "Fetching data..." screen

Hello all, and congrats on launching the new Status Desktop beta!
It’s been worth the wait.
Issue: sadly it just hangs on this screen post inputting my seed phrase.

I’ve been using Status since 2018 through multiple mobile iterations (was at cryptolife in Prague), so I’m not sure if this new version means I’d have to start over?

The mobile app, although sparse has the old “stateofus” ENS domains I registered back then (leslie.stateofus.eth and leslieoa.stateofus.eth).

I imagine the new device sync instructions are for the soon to be released Status mobile, and not my old mobile version (1.20.5 (20240430085523)).

As always: keep up the great work, and let me know if there’s any other information you need.


macOS 14.4.1 Sonoma
MacBook Pro 16 2023, 16GB, 1TB SSD

Just a heads up to anyone posting in Support (or I imagine anywhere else in this forum): @cryptoBender’s link is low effort scam.

customerservices-livechat_web_app (I’ve replaced the periods in the URL with underscores. is a Firebase domain, so that’s a dead giveaway.
Kept them chatting on their support app, and here’s the conversation (until they disconnected and removed the live chat; must have spooked them).

See below:

Stay safe out there folks. :saluting_face:

Update: they just deleted their reply.

Update: it took several hours, but it finally synced.