Status GIF search

Idea name: Status GIF search
Description: Like practically all current messengers, having the ability to search for GIFs (through Giphy or Tenor) makes messages more lively and fun.
Use case: As a user I want to send GIFs in my chats so that my conversations become more expressive and fun.
Target user: All users who love GIFs
Why this is important: As the presence of GIF search is in all modern messengers, and is widely used, it is necessary to bring the same experience lived in popular applications such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and many others for Status.
Any other comments:

If you think this is a great idea and know how to implement it, consider posting a project proposal on Assemble.

Would love to use this thread to collect ideas on open source GIF services that might be used for this.

Iā€™m pretty sure Giphy is off the table. 100% agree the feature would be awesome to have though!


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