Status Grant DAO

Hi All,

Ori from dOrg here. We wanted to get some community feedback on our proposal to launch a Status Grant DAO on DAOstack:

Status Grant DAO - Proposal

The basic idea is to seed the DAO with SNT holders who would make decisions on how to allocate funds and further distribute decision-making power.

Please respond with any comments or questions.


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KILL zero reply…

Status is already working on a solution for that GitHub - status-im/liquid-funding: Dapp for delegating donations to projects
Anyway, SNT is permission-less, you can deploy this system without asking authorization, you only need to ask engagement from holders.

Regarding transferring the funds from Multisig to this system, I think this is very unlikely, but is not needed at all. For example, the proposals in your system could be funded with “Promise Token” minted by DAO, which could potentially be exchanged by a valuable asset.

I would imagine this is something that could be a project in liquid funding and funding it doesn’t take away from trying other forms of governance. It seems to me the more organizations and diversity operating in the Status network the more decentralized it will be. A network seems more robust as fractal then a monolith structure.

In general it seems harder to decentralize if we default to rejecting Status network ideas that come from outside of core.

The proposal itself embraces several of our principles and creates an additional SNT use case.
I think the idea of “boosting” is a possible solution for filtering out spammy/low quality proposals and expediting high quality ones.

Note that this won’t necessarily improve SNT usage - the staking and boosting is done with GEN, DaoStack’s native token. That token friction is, among other things, the same reason why I opted to fork DaoStack when building Blockada DAO. However, the Alchemy UI that DaoStack DAOs use really is amazing and the GEN ecosystem is big and healthy, so I too would vote for “why not try it out”.