Website Refresh and Restructure

With the number of various projects and initiatives growing, we are redesigning and need your input and help. We have outlined a basic information architecture based on the following goals:

  • Up to date, transparent and honest source of information across all Status initiatives
  • Communicate project principles and values
  • Simple and immediate access to product lines
  • Drive active participation and contribution at any level

The proposed architecture aims to democratize the various Status initiatives. We will have a persistent Global Navigation with easy access to each project with subsequent secondary navigations for deep linking to specific page content. Below is a proposed Top Nav and Secondary Nav structure. Ultimately, we will need each individual team to define the content for their page and take ownership of said content (i.e. Kim and Ola are working on the Incubate structure and copy now)

Status App - About / Features / Desktop / Docs / Blog / Contribute
Embark - About / Docs / Tutorials / Plugins / Templates / Blog / Contribute
Studio - About / Blog / Contribute
Incubate About / Offerings / Apply / Incubatees / Blog / Contribute
Nimbus - About / Docs / Blog / Contribute
Hardwallet - About / Docs / Blog / Contribute
Community - About / Jobs / Resources / Core Contributors

Call for Content:
The Status landing page will serve as a portal into the other initiatives. Therefore we need support and input on the information architecture and copy for each individual project. You can find an example copy deck here

Site Architecture
There are a number of pages outside of the immediate Initiative pages which we need to account for. Pages listed below and can also be found in the high level architecture doc here:

  • DApps
  • Design.status
  • PeopleOps.status
  • Analytics
  • Discuss
  • Ideas.status

Designs are all in Figma and owned by Andrei and Hazel:

Next Steps

  1. Please provide feedback on the proposed architecture. If you feel anything is missing, please share here and we will be sure to incorporate into the site.
  2. Then, we need each team to identify the information architecture they want on their respective page
  3. Finally, please start a draft copy deck for your landing page.

Goal launch date is pre-devcon4.


Nice work Jonny. One thing that appears to be missing and may be worth considering is a page dedicated to educating users about SNT.

This is looking great Jonny. I like how Contribution is part of every heading as well.

How will the ambassador program fall into this? Will “Contribute” send users to the relevent section in the program, or should it be its own section?

This could full under the Community top level Nav

Good call. Regarding advoacy program - I foresee that becoming the “community page” We can also include links to specific tasks/bounties from individual team pages. So ultimately we will house all tasks in one place and then include project specific one on each inner page.

Regarding SNT page - we will absolutely need this. I think this structure makes sense for a phase 1. And then we can build out the pages for things such as DApp directory and SNT use cases

Looks great overall.

I worry that users will have a hard time finding the “Jobs” component (especially as we rely on direct applications for a high proportion of hires) - if I understand correctly that in order to find “Jobs” you’ll first have to click on “Community”?

Typically, “Jobs” pages of websites are listed either with a direct link from the main page, or are find on the “About us” section. I’m therefore not sure it would be intuitive for a job seeker to click on “community”.

Hey JB - good point.

We will have a “contribute” section on the homepage prominently displayed to drive to the jobs page. Also each individual team page (status app, incubate, studio, embark, nimbus, hardwallet) will have a link to relevant jobs.

Jobs/Contribute will be a secondary nav item on all pages (does that make sense). WIP Nimbus page here where you can see the general approach

Finally, there will be a community page with a link to the jobs as well (as a form of getting involved).

Cool thanks, makes sense to me. The Nimbus example looks great.

sorry I’m super late to the party here.
We’re currently doing an exploration of what the different pathways are towards contributions and how the advocacy program fits into that (at what stage is someone plugged or pushed into the advocacy program).

How much flexibility do we have within these templates? @carl had an idea around this for the contribution section which is a pick your adventure kind of concept where people could have a series of options presented to them and through a decision tree arrive at a final destination that might suit them. Obviously all the while we’d encourage them to have the flexibility to pave their own path to contribution.

In terms of naming convention I think “community” in my mind is passive and we should try to reset the conversation and make it about being a member of the community with purpose, that could still mean joining a conversation amongst a community as a mechanism for contribution but it doesn’t stop there. I think we should have a section called Contribute and joining communities and or the advocacy program falls within that.