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I was talking to @petty today about where best to put the audio from the hackathon winners interviews, and had the following thought:

Introduce a new community category: “Status in the World” or something similar, inserting it into the empty block in the Community popup that is now shared across all the Status projects’ websites:

The current link leads to the blog, which has its own link in the header anyway, so it’s a perfect position design-wise.

This category can serve to emphasize Status’ presence at various events around the world, including MerryMerkle, Hackathon, or even just sponsorships and presences there like EthDenver. Each event would be a card entry on the page, leading to its own tag in

A standard of three posts per event could be introduced (or recommended), wherein the first is “Status is organizing cryptolife - a massive hackathon”, the second is a “live” feed of what’s been going on there “Cryptolife day by day”, and the third can be a post-mortem: “Awards, podcasts, interviews and conclusions”. Each such event defined as a tag lends itself perfectly to verbose descriptions of our participation in the community with zero additional devops/administrative overhead (just use the blog’s tags). Of course, the more posts per event, the merrier (MerryMerkle posts are especially touching to read, but missed by most), but an “announcement-progress-conclusion” triad seems like the minimum.

This gives us a place to dump stuff like the interviews from the hackathon (which currently have no place) and all other media (photo albums for people to grab, links to software, etc.), shows how present we are all over the place, AND tells people what we’ve learned on each of those events - be this technical or social progress. I think it would really weave us into the wider community, and it really does not require almost any extra effort at all.

Extra bonus: if we tag each post with “event”, then people can also RSS subscribe to the tag and be kept up to date with all Status World events, preventing people from missing out on an event because they hadn’t heard of it (which happened with MM as seen on cryptotwitter).


I like this idea quite a bit, as this year I see us pushing quite a bit to show off the community events and outreach we are doing. It also gives people who can’t make it a chance to experience what it’s like to do crypto events with Status involved, which imo would make them work harder to join in on the next things we do.

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Great idea. Designs for brand refresh and updated website are in the works and we will 100% include this.

I agree that there is currently no place for this type of content (and there should be). Basically, you are suggesting we have a section on the blog for “Events” and that we drive to it from a community section on the site.

Will do this!


Exactly, just package those posts up as something separate so they’re not just another series of blog posts.

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