Status+Keycard: the perfect bundle for mobile Defi with cold storage security

DeFi is booming right ?

You’ve probably seen that Uniswap volume surpassed coinbase volume in September, number #1 app on is Matcha a DEX aggregator, and that some argue that uniswap is easier to use than a centralized exchange like binance for newcomers to crypto….

Overall there is a very strong case about DeFi fueling the next wave of crypto users.

Status has what it takes to fill a big and mostly unanswered need of Defi enhusiasts

There is one thing missing in the DeFi ecosystem that is not proposed by any other application or wallet, that is actually bringing lot of value to most Defi users, and that we actually have ready in Status…

Status is the most secure solution for mobile DeFi. If you use Status with Keycard you’ve got the perfect bundle to use defi apps like uniswap and trade on the go, from your mobile, and with best-in-class cold storage security.

And as soon as your trading or farming some value (couple hundreds ? Couple thousands ? Depends on user sensitivity to risk) you want to control your private keys. DeFi needs hardware wallets.

So what are current solutions?

On desktop, the need is pretty well covered. You can use your regular browser and metamask + ledger/trezor for instance. This is decent solution for security and convenience, however it’s till buggy (see example here)

On mobile, only options where you can web3 browse the dApp and sign your transactions with a hardware wallet are:

  • Imtoken + imKey. The downside of this solution is its cost (99$) and the hardware wallet is not fully open source
  • Argent + Ledger. This is a convenient solution, but there are significant downsides
    • Argent doesn’t have a browser. It has integrated with several defi services but in a native way, so you’re not free to use the app you want.
    • you’ve got to be ready to store your assets on a smart contract since the hardware wallet is only here a s a guardian to approve spending of your funds located on the smart contract wallet. You’ve got to trust Argent smart contracts with your value.

Also, Metamask mobile is a great app but it does not offer hardware wallet integration.

What about Status+Keycard bundle?

We’ve got a ready and very good solution we can push to Defi users looking for best-in-class security! All they need is Status and a Keycard. The solution is:

  • ready right now
  • a air-gapped high security cold storage protected by last generation secure elements (EAL5+ tested)
  • cost effective (keycard is 29$), there is no cheaper hardware wallet
  • allows to browse any DeFi service with a web3 dApp
  • super user friendly

For this last point, just check the quick demo below where I make swap in uniswap with Status and my keycard. This is fast and friendly, and my private keys never leave my card.

Let’s market this !

We’ve got a good pitch here I think, we can surf on the defi craze with it, and create some cool and impactful marketing. Moreover keycard sales can be the quantitative measure of the success of our campaigns.