Status mobile app tutorial videos for newbies

I’ve made the tutorial videos below to let newcomers learn how to use our mobile application with some visual materials because a few of users have found it difficult to learn the mobile app features like ENS, Voting DApp, etc from scratch. The videos are recorded and edited through my smartphone and Mac.

Afterward, I am going to work on the swarms that are in progress now as soon as we officially release those.

[Voting DApp]

[Managing Assets]



[Dev mode, Extension]

Feel free to let me know any tutorial videos you think we need or give me some feedback :slight_smile:


@Jinho - these are brilliant! Well done.

Can i post all of these to the YT channel? Perhaps we can also add links to the Quick Start / Table of contents. I believe @Hutch has an ongoing doc.

Perhaps some others:

  • turning on developer mode
  • enabling extensions
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Sure thing! Thank you for the feedback and let me work on it.

great job @Jinho, one thing about [Managing Assets], we have a PR Feature/wallet choose address contact 6843 by goranjovic · Pull Request #7263 · status-im/status-mobile · GitHub with wallet refactoring, flow will be different, so maybe better to wait this PR before publishing @jonathan, thanks

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@jonathan I uploaded 2 more videos (extension, developer mode). Thank you for the feedback!

@andrey Thank you for letting me know that. Let me record those parts once more later :slight_smile: