Status Network and GmbH Next Steps

Thank you to everyone for traveling from far and wide to be together in Prague. I hope everyone had a safe trip back, and has recovered from the hectic Hackathon + Town Hall + DevCon week!

The Town Hall discussions from Sunday and Monday still need to be summarised and published, but in the meantime I thought it makes sense to share what the next steps look like regarding the structure of Status moving forward.

This is still in draft form, and is definitely up for discussion. Feel free to give feedback here, in #moot or private DM’s to me/Ceri. If you’d like to be involved in making this change happen, feel free to reach out too.

Status Network Follow-Ups

On Monday at the Town Hall we’d like to share the following:

  1. Outline the Status migration from today where Status == GmbH, to “Status Network” + “Status GmbH” as two separate mental models of an organisation. Ideally with some kind of diagram to help visualise the network.
  2. Create a “How to contribute” site which explains what is happening with the GmbH and the rest of the Status network. This site will focus on areas for open participation and how everyone can get involved with Status.
  3. Create an RFP page outlining all the various parts of the Status Network that will need proposals from teams. This includes both areas covered by GmbH and other more research’y areas. A case by case basis will determine if the proposal is in the GmbH or a separate company.
    • There will most definitely be a transitory period between where we are now and where we will be going.
  4. Create the template for teams to propose ideas. Templates from teams should include a Budget or headcount element. (current draft here)

In Parallel, work has kicked off with Jarrad and co. to start building the DAO platform for teams to utilize in the near future (timeline still unknown).

Post Town Hall

After the Town Hall Ceri/I will have 1:1’s with everyone in the org talking about the changes, and ensuring that everyone is comfortable with what is happening and address concerns.

Please let reach out there are any concerns or questions. One avenue of discussion would be to utilize #moot in Status using the following instructions: That way the feedback is truly anonymous!