Status Network / DAO / NAO / GmbH names

Since Prague, we’ve started to use names & phrase like Status Network, DAO, NAO, Status GmbH to represent the future how Status will be organized. I thought it might be useful to consider those names/alternatives before they become too engrained in our communications. There are two distinct names/brands we’re looking for IMO:

  1. An overarching name for the collection of groups/entities/people that are focused on advancing the Status principles, and achieving our mission. Currently we’re using “Status Network” (which I personally like) although as Jarrad has pointed out, there may be an advantage to using a name that is not associated with the Status brand.

  2. A specific name for the “Status GmbH” - the collection of Core Contributors that will be focused on delivering the whitepaper (see here for more details).


#1. Currently: “Status Network”

  • Status Network
  • Status DAO
  • Status NAO (Networked Autonomous Organisation).

#2. Currently: “Status Gmbh”

  • Status GmbH
  • Status Research and Development
  • Status Genesis
  • Status Origin
  • Status One
  • Status Enterprise


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I think the “Status Network” one is being worked on at the moment from @carl afaik. But not sure what the state of that is.

As for [2], I like “Status Core”, lining up nicely with “Status Core Contributor”

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Along with that I guess “Network Contributor” would be someone involved in the Network (if needing to differentiate from a core contributor)

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