Status OS - PoC wrt wallet

Some terrible drawings. As requested at Core Dev call.

  1. Make it possible to swap out one dapp (call it view if you will, for v1) for another in UI bar (native only)
  2. Use wallet as component and allow it to be loaded or not
  3. Allow possibility to add e.g. dapp window (multisig wallet / cryptokitty) in UI bar

This is using the OS X menu bar metaphor in a naive way. Once this UX abstraction exists, one could imagine using extensions etc instead of RN components / dapp browser for this.

Could also allow for multiple stuff in top bar, or surface in different way (Home view with dapps).

Security should be considered wrt fullscreen apps. See Chrome security UX and Qubes VM borders for inspiration.

Transaction signing views e.g. from chat can still be tightly coupled to wallet subviews, in initial v1. This can later be abstracted/themed, if so desired. Analogous to OS system dialogues, which are generally hardcoded (but e.g. terminal or Mail app is not).

The key functionality that must always be present in some form is some form of signatures. Hardcore users might not want to use Etherscan e.g., since it leaks metadata.

The same general line of thinking extends for things like removing the chat component, adding separate Discovery product, etc.

The image didn’t make it to the post

Can you share some more context and rationale behind those ideas?

@goranjovic Finally, damn image upload and file size nonsense. It was rendering on my screen initially.

@julien I don’t understand. You were on the Core Dev call just now? What do you mean more precisely?

Sorry for the broad question, not helpful…

Given the complexity and impact of the subject I feel it would make sense to complement this with more background thinking and pros/cons. It definitely was discussed during the call but not sure agreements were made? I personally need some time to digest those discussions.
While I can see how it can be desirable and useful it also conflicts potentially with our others priorities?