Status Principles Seminar v0 - Marathon edition


In less than a month we are going to meet face to face in Prague. This will be a great opportunity to get to know each other better and hack on stuff together. It will also improve our own shared understanding of what Status is and what our goals are.

As you are all know by now, we have a set of principles (Status Principles). We also have a wall of shame (Our Wall of Shame). Together they provide an excellent seed for further ideas and goal setting.

We have already seen many teams use these principles and make them their own, which is great. I’d now like to take these few weeks before Prague as an opportunity to hold a seminar about each of our principles. This will set the ground for a more inspiring and principled discussion in Prague.

This will be the first seminar of this sorts. It’ll likely be lacking in many respects, given the short notice. That’s OK. The goal is to keep our principles top of mind, keep the conversation going, and step it up in terms resolution. If all goes well, it’s likely we’ll have another one sometime next year as well.

Seminar Dates

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week and the one after that. 1200-1400 UTC with a short break between sessions. This ensures we cover all timezones, it doesn’t impact Town Hall or Core Dev calls, and gives Y.T. Friday night off.


Oct 9 (Tue)

  • 1200 UTC: Session 1 - Openness
  • 1300 UTC: Session 2 - Inclusivity

Oct 10 (Wed)

  • 1200 UTC: Session 3 - Security
  • 1300 UTC: Session 4 - Censorship-resistance

Oct 11 (Thu)

  • 1200 UTC: Session 5 - Decentralization (people)
  • 1300 UTC: Session 6 - Decentralization (computers)

Oct 16 (Tue)

  • 1200 UTC: Session 7 - Privacy
  • 1300 UTC: Session 8 - Transparency

Oct 17 (Wed)

  • 1200 UTC: Session 9 - Continuance
  • 1300 UTC: Session 10 - Resourcefulness

Oct 18 (Thu)

  • 1200 UTC: Session 11 - Liberty
  • 1300 UTC: Session 12 - Cypherpunk Anon Chat

I’ve made an attempt to be mindful of both the succession of principles as well as the pairing. You might notice the last item is not a principle. This event will be a completely anonymous chat in Status. Here people can discuss things related to the principles in an anonymous fashion. It’s also an opportunity for community members to chime in.

How each session will work

Each session will last roughly 45m with the following format:

  • 5-15m introductory presentation by Oskar

  • Extra ~5m presentations from individuals who want to present a specific point of view

  • At least 20m freeform discussion, moderated by some moderator

Additionally, a desired outcome is a more granular and up to date wall of shame. This can be a live HackMD document that we crowdsource edit during the call and then post to Discuss. Example: someone says “This reminds me, we can be more inclusive by doing X”. That person then adds a short summary to HackMD doc as a form of bug report of our inclusivity efforts.

We can then use this updated wall of shame for voting in Prague, for example voting on severity. This is how we arrived at the wall of shame in Basel.

Desired artifacts

  1. Collective Status brain consciousness upgrade. (lacking KPI, pending Neuralink integration, see bounty)

  2. Recorded and async-consumable calls on YouTube

  3. Summary of discussion posted to Discuss/Our

  4. Updated wall of shame per principle

Ways to contribute

  1. Show your interest in this thread as well as any suggestions you might have

  2. Join the calls and contribute in the discussion

  3. Bring your own mini-presentation about a principle (please coordinate with Oskar)

  4. Contribute async by posting your perspective to Discuss, either before or after

  5. Volunteer to be a moderator in the call

  6. Volunteer to be a content aggregator and post summary of discussion to Discuss/Our

  7. Join Status - Download


Nice one Oskar this is a great idea, especially for someone like myself who is still getting to grips with what’s at the heart of Status. I’ve read and fully align with the organisations principles, some more than others based on my personal principles/ideals but I think having these in place forms a real bedrock for all teams to reflect on whatever their specialism may be.

I’ll be tuning into these for sure and look forward to gaining more insight into the principles and the communities interpretations!

This is awesome, Oskar, especially the artifacts. Count me in as a discussion moderator. i can do one of the sessions each day.

Love it, and happy to help with content posting and moderation :+1:

Great effort.

I’m especially interested in Inclusivity & Decentralization (people) and would be happy to “mini-present” some ideas re: Decentralization (people).

Happy to help with this if you need extra hands - think it’s a great initiative with good desired outcomes.

Count me in for helping with moderation, posting, or content if you need more volunteers :slight_smile:

I’m thinking this is such an important moment of learning that we should be a bit more loud about it and get everyone to attend - what do you think if we
1- Invite everyone (Status-all calendar), announce on Status/Slack, and say that everyone is strongly encouraged to participate and to prioritize it over any other work.
2- record it (absolutely) and post it in the handbook/educational videos as well as YT?


Thanks for all the enthusiasm and people volunteering! Great to see :slight_smile:

@anon16796968 I agree! We can definitely mention this at Town Hall.

Please join #status-principles in Status for more fine grained preparation. We could divide up who is going to facilitate which session, etc. Perhaps we can come up with a good format for remote brainstorm / filling out wall of shame together?

Still thinking about how to prepare the initial mini pres in time - I started working on it and shared a rough version in Status:

UPDATE: Principles Seminar v0 - HackMD now has first four sessions slides.

Feedback/direct edits welcome!

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Here’s the latest: Principles Seminar v0 - CodiMD

Also heads up to participants today: I’m going to ask people individually to actively contribute to the wall of shame, so bring your coffee and brainstorming hat on! Even better, come up with 1, or 3 or 5, items for the wall of shame.

Duplicates are OK. If you can’t think of any way we are falling short of this principle, then contribute a question or definition. If you prefer not to be an active participant, then please join YT instead.

Posts to Our so far:

Considering (a) these are already up and has same info and (b) engagement to Discuss posts so far, I’ll stop posting Discuss posts for each individual session for now. Instead, there will likely be a general wall of shame post follow up, either here or as a separate topic. Plus any individual detail that people want to dive deeper into, of course.

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Thanks everyone who participated in the Principles Seminar yesterday! I am going to ask people to be even more active participants today and help us flesh out our wall of shame here: Book of Shame and opportunity, Prague edition - CodiMD. If active participation is not your cup of tea, please tune into YT instead. And don’t worry, everyone will be able to participate, even if it is to say "I am confused about this". Bring your coffee (or tea) and active energy hat on!