Status Ringtone pack

Hello everyone!

After the StickerPack what’s next?

A Status Ringtone pack could be a good idea.

Ringtones are noticeable, and start conversations. They are a way to be unique among friends and can be a good introduction to an app or project. Many global brands are also making sonic branding to match a sound to their product or service.

If someone messages/chat you privately the ringtone or a special notification sound could play :slight_smile:

What if we do a Status Ringtone/notification pack and vote via SNT.

Are there any technical problems with this?

It could also be a chance to bring audio artists into Status in the way we have visual artists and the sticker packs.

I had this idea and wanted to share it.


I like the idea. Technically this is possible.
It’s different from stickerpacks in the way that this is only for the user itself, as stickerpacks users buy to use as a message with other users, in private or public chats.
We could also do it that if a user have a special ringtone, other users could set to use the ringtone the user possess or selected, but that seems to be an annoyance vector.

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Thank you for your feedback @ricardo3 got plenty on my mind :slight_smile: :slight_smile: