Status Shopping

Idea name: Status Shopping - A decentralized and private shopping.
Description: Status already has a financial structure (cryptocurrencies) and features of sending and receiving, in addition to the Keycard.

It would be very interesting if the Status became a “shopping” for those who wanted to sell and buy using cryptocurrencies (and even credit cards). I think that even using a bank credit card, Status would continue to provide reasonable privacy for users. Of course, at this point of discussion it would be something to be considered - not necessarily implemented in the final project.
Target user: all users
Why this is important: WhatsApp recently announced its plans to make the popular messaging app a place to buy and sell (video below).

When I see the Status and all the existing technological structure, I simply ask myself: “why not?”. There is a wallet, there are cryptocurrencies … There is just no structure for someone to build their list of products and services for sale. I know there is a desire to create bots for Status, and they can be very useful in this shopping feature.

I believe that a possible structure to list a catalog of services and products for sale can be done through an extension.

If you think this is a great idea and know how to implement it, consider posting a project proposal on Assemble.

I suppose the natural solution is for Status to outsource this functionality to a web3 app via their special browser.

But if they wanted a native solution, perhaps the first step is to allow multiple accounts / account switching on one device.

Then let us make a “business” account, sort of like instagram does.

A “business account” would have special properties like reputation scores, invoices, store pages?

Or alternatively, let a normal type account open one or many “stores” (store being a special entity like a storefront).

edit: Or are you mainly just speaking about putting a payment processing structured content message in-line in a conversation?

I see how it works on Instagram and it looks great.

I believe that the team does not need to develop something complex and complicated. Just a way to catalog products and services with the function of buying / receiving payments - and that already exists in Status today, only “spontaneously”. You can request a contact to receive a value “X” or he sends you a value “Y”.

What I think is precisely to structure this around products and services.

If I have a Status business account, or simply with an extension, I can catalog my products for sale and send them to customers… Just make the customer click “buy” in the UX / UI interface. I have in mind it is similar to Instagram, but with its due differences: It can work in chats (like whatsapp) and be announced on the timeline of the “status” feature that is being developed.

(1) image can represent the idea of the timeline of the coming status feature. (2) the detailed display of the product, including photo and description. (3) payment confirmation page.

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