Status SNT Public/Private Chat Tip Bot

Idea name: Status Public/Private Chat Tip Bot

Description: It is fun to receive an SNT tip coming from your friends, colleagues or maybe a small amount of donation. The same concept with Telegram tipbot. In Status the user should not need to pm/dm the bot, but you call the bot in a channel and the bot will check if your balance is enough to send a tip to other users, if the bot validates your funds, it will transfer directly to and from personal wallets. I believe the team is already looking into how to send/receive SNT without gas by using SNT Gas Relay. If that would happen there’s a big impact, and tipping could be implemented.

Use case: We can use tips to incentivize most active users in the private/public chat. A tip that is limited (I guess 50-100SNT only) that Keycard is not needed. But your wallet must have funds. Since we’re using a non-custodial wallet supported by Ethereum, we can invite other projects to use and put a small amount of their tokens to their non-custodial wallet on Status. This could also encourage community building in Status channels.

Why this is important: This will allow lots of new users and move them from Telegram to Status app, lots of potential partnership or erc-20 projects can support, work or build on us.

Target user: To all users in the Status App.

Any other comments:

If the user is using other wallets or using a multi-sig wallet, the user must choose what wallet the bot should use for tips.


@kcrypto.whisperer can you take a look at this prototype and share if this fits with what you have in mind?

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@hester sort off, we can add tip on the last reaction. what do you think?