Status Support - Community-driven FAQ campaign

Status Support is a community-driven campaign to build an FAQ forum for the Status community, by the Status community. Everyone can contribute to this collective intelligence campaign by creating topics for questions or answering questions on our forum, Discuss.

Status values Inclusivity which makes crowdsourcing contribution from the community very important for the growth of the Status Network. Your contributions will help newcomers understand what Status does, and why Status has been pioneering the web3 ecosystem.

How to Contribute?

You can get involved in two ways:

  1. Asking questions
  2. Answering questions.

All you have to do is either create a post with your question or answer questions in posts created by others.

You might come across questions being asked in chat channels (e.g. in Discord or Status) - the idea with Status Support is that we migrate these questions to a more permanent, referenceable, and canonical place, by adding them to Discuss and answering them there. That way, the wisdom we share isn’t lost forever in the backscroll of chat.

1. What kind of questions?

We are open to any questions :slight_smile: Any and all FAQ work well for this purpose. Some examples include:

  • Are messages stored on the blockchain?
  • How can I set up an ENS Name?
  • How can I request features?

2. How to post a question?

  1. Add your post to
  2. Tag your post using: FAQ, and pick the most appropriate related category so that people can look up other questions asked & answered.

3. Answering

Any answers coming from your passion for Status will be welcomed! But if you plan to cite something, please make sure that the sources are correctly referenced.

If you see a question and aren’t sure of the answer, but want to help, feel free to tag in a core contributor using @ mentions in the post, they’ll be happy to help.

Here’s an example of a Q&A that works well for Status Support,

Q: On what devices can I use Status?
A: Status is tested to run on Android 7+, and iOS 13+
Reference - Status - Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get it started