Status support email address

As we’re nearing launch, it might make sense to create a mailbox that we can share on our external pages where people can reach us (we’ve noticed from time to time that people email our hiring mailbox or other mailboxes as we don’t have a purpose-made support address).

Support@ is a mailbox that we use for central accounts access, so I’m proposing that we use [email protected] for general and support enquiries.

I’ll keep an eye on the mailbox and loop in people as queries come in. Feel free to add this mailbox to your project page or anywhere that needs a contact detail for Status.

Whilst the incoming volumes remain small (up to ~30 emails per day) we can probably manage the traffic using a rudimentary set-up with mailbox flags and folders. Beyond that, we can put in place ticketing software like Zendesk to help manage tickets.

Meanwhile, I’ll also keep an eye on support@ in case things come there (I imagine there may be some stray emails that come through there due to people guessing the address).


cc @jonathan or updating web properties


Great idea.

With my past job when ticket volumes got too large, we used Zendesk, than switched over to Salesforce and it really helped prioritizing.

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Sorry to hear your hiring mailbox is getting support requests!

I think we’re better off directing people to a channel and perhaps take shifts to keep an eye on these channels so not everything lands with PeopleOps. Reason I wouldn’t go for an email address is that is reinforces the idea that there’s a central unit you can go to for questions.

People like @Warsoverjohn1 have been doing an amazing job helping people out in channels. Not sure what we can do to provide the best support for ambassadors to answer questions.

We also have:
Shake to report/Submit a bug that goes to [email protected], not sure who has access to that account
Request a feature that goes to #status
Frequently asked questions that goes to Status - Frequently Asked Questions

Updating the FAQ would probably also help. I can take a stab at this. Long term it would be best though if we can use Github or another platform with access permission and the option to pull content so that anyone can update this.

Always forget that the FAQ is on Github. Unless someone has a better idea we can close the FAQ with a link to create an issue for a FAQ item and again a link to a public channel.

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