Status WeKan - Social Media publishing board

If you’re a contributor to Status who wants something (blog, recurring event, poll for community, hiring shoutout etc.) on Status’ social media and it may or may not be time-sensitive please use a WeKan card, invites will be going out this week.

The Engagement team is experimenting with an alternative KanBan board to trello that is Free OSS called WeKan.

For now the required pieces to making a card

  • Post itself (twitter / fb please include relevant hashtags, and accounts to tag with exact spelling)
  • Image asset (does it need an image asset? Please include in a comment)
  • Timeline (is it urgent? Recurring? Slate a date if time sensitive on the calendar section)
  • Motivation (if relevant)

This will be a solution in tandem with our reactive newsroom and does not mean you “cannot” post on our.status for example or anywhere else without a card, this will only help the social calendar cadence of scheduling.

For this specific experiment we’re migrating our pre-existing trello social media posting board to a public board that anyone on the Core team can access and add cards too. This means if you previously weren’t sure where to ask to get a topic or post on social media through the status’ main account whether it be a blog you’re writing, community poll you’d like to do, job posting or various other reasons our core team would like to access a post there will now be a system in place for you to do so.

The guidelines around making a card are a WIP and open discussion.

For now if you have something you’d like to get across social media channels, invites will be going out to the social calendar public board org wide first and sooner than later to our community members that aren’t core team.

Drop any relevant cards in the public board under “Core Team Content for publishing” with these details

Please include any feedback you have about this as we hope it will be a tool to empower across our team as we grow.


When can we expect a board to be created to contribute to? I have an interview on Hashing It Out with Iuri about embark that will go live tomorrow morning. I’d like some Status love when we release it.

There is a live board today; can you make a card under the core-team content with a time / date (with relevant timezone) and what kind of post you think (for example if it’s a retweet you could even write the copy for the advanced retweet you think would be relative)

I’m already signed up, but I don’t see any live boards available.

Should be fixed now.

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Love this idea, opens up another avenue for participation for contributions to Status. What ideas do you have in mind for deciding what goes out when? I’m thinking predictions market would work great (although costly) for market guidance on what posts will achieve their intended reach and prioritise those posts accordingly.

Otherwise voting would be cool, but prob pretty tough to co-ordinate at the frequency required. Maybe topic democracy for it to really scale.

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Love this - thanks for all the research and implementation around Wekan, Hutch!

So mostly related to @Blockchain_Islander’s research on timing and algorithms in terms of posting cadence, but I think that would be an amazing experimentation @Graeme we should circle back on this absolutely!

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WeKan boards have been migrated to a new domain name as and there are a few people that have had issues with login; I’ll be sending out an re-invite under this new domain name. This shouldn’t affect login but will give you another “invite code” in you email inbox case you were affected.

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