#statusbuidl week 2020


We’d like to propose a #STATUSBUIDL Week - one of the ways we can promote innovation through experimentation. During #STATUSBUIDL Week, contributors are encouraged to take time away from their day-to-day work to collaborate and develop ideas for Status.

BUIDL: How to Get Started

  • Topics can be anything - making Status even easier to use, testing out new features that people might want to see in the app, creating a DApp, building tools that help core contributors, or any fun project that benefits the ecosystem. Feel free to get creative and use the time in a way that you find enjoyable.
  • You will have four days to BUIDL and test your project(s) and come up with a point of concept
  • Teams of 4 people
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams

BUIDL: Prizes (per team member):

  • First Place: Valve Index VR kit
  • Second Place: 5000 SNT
  • Third Place: €50 Amazon voucher

*[Prizes TBC but roughly what we’re aiming for is!:]

BUIDL: Timeline

Friday 9 October: Pitch Day - Core Contributors will pitch their ideas for Projects. Each person/group will have 1-2 minutes to pitch their project. People will be able to join whatever project they wish - ideally teams of 4 people.

Monday 12 October - Day 1: Meet with your teams and get things started

Tuesday13 October - Day 2: Buidl’ing

Wednesday 14 October - Day 3: Buidl’ing

Thursday 15 October - Day 4: Presentation day! Teams must submit their work by 14:00 UTC for judging. If you do not submit your project by 14:00 UTC, you cannot qualify to win a prize.

Submit your project to https://assemble.fund/ to bring it to a community ‘Vote over Waku’

BUIDL: Project inspiration

  • Need Inspiration for projects, check out some ideas here:
    • Desktop - Mobile pairing and syncing
    • No tx retention features
    • Status anywhere (invitation to Richard and Gheorghe :grinning:)
    • SNT (and ETH) onramps (gifting, buying, kudos)
    • Run a node
    • Developer tooling: extensions, plugins, api

BUIDL: Future

If you wish to continue working on your project after the week is over, submit your project to https://assemble.fund/. Buidl projects on Assemble will be brought to a community ‘Vote over Waku’. The top 3 projects with the most votes from the Status Community will get an additional SNT bonus .

Prior to Buidl week, projects can be shared on discuss

Good luck and have fun!

P.S - we’re open to flexing any of these plans to make it the best buidlweek possible, let us know if you have any feedback - cheers!


Great idea! Are team members pre-defined or shall we create teams ourselves? @Terry

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You can set up your own project and ask CC’s to join you or you can join another project which interests you.


Good stuff!

Will there be an opportunity to participate async for the Friday event? For people who are unable to join (timezones etc).

Two ideas off the top of my head that’d be cool to see:

  1. Status over Tor. Getting Status (or a subset thereof) to run over Tor. E.g. see Addressing the issue of anonymity (or rather lack thereof) · Issue #10616 · status-im/status-mobile · GitHub and SOCKS proxy support · Issue #358 · status-im/nim-libp2p · GitHub

  2. Liquid blocking. Like liquid democracy but for blocking. Anti spam mechanism that builds on delegated blocking. Any user can follow any one other user and auto block based on this person. This can be a respected and active community “moderator”, e.g. This permission can be revoked at any time by any individual user. This means that a spam attacker with M identities only has to be blocked M*k times instead of M*N by each participant N, where k would be low for a lot of channels/communities. A PoC should be doable over some Waku topic and with a small optional protocol.


I’d love to see this idea take shape : https://discuss.status.im/t/waku-v2-webrtc-subprotocol-for-voice-and-video-chat/1850


This can probably be done as an extension of GitHub - vacp2p/waku-web-chat: Waku Web Chat POC


hi, i will be working on the API for Dapps devs who would like to contribute to status with javascript or run their Dapp natively in Status

There will be two parts of the work

  1. status-react - API implementation, i’ll be working mostly on it
  2. JS part - js library, and extensions (dapps) itself

If someone wants to join me and work on 2 I would really appreciate that

I’ll be working on simple extensions like status principles https://extensions.status.im/?hash=QmSvd5iehhrkSCQR12hEyJtJzCjEQo1ax8936BnkBhQi5a or shopping list extension, but if someone with experience in contracts and JS could join we could introduce tornado.cash extension,so it will be possible to send assets in chat via tornado.cash , or any other cool extension you would like to work on

Technical details:
Extension should be introduced as npm module (or github), and will be included into status app build, so it will be part of status app, it can be enabled by a user in the UI, by default it will be disabled
UI of extension should be developed with regular react native components, i’ll help with that part



SNT distribution analysis framework.

The goal is for people to quickly look at how SNT is distributed across its users/contracts/organizations/exchanges/etc.

This should quickly combat the narrative that few people hold the overwhelming amount of SNT, as well as show how “decentralized” our coin is, and how that metric changes over time.


I will be working on improving Keycard Connect, the Keycard/WalletConnect integration app for Android written in Kotlin. The main task is making a decent interface, test with different dApps and implement signTypedData.


Zero-Knowledge “Proofs” are the new Smart Contracts baby!

I’ll be working on Nescience - a project for those who want to virtue signal their wilful nescience in the lives of others!

There’s plenty to do, there’s the dsl, integrating constantine, gadgets and other constraint expressions to be implemented. Not to mention groth16(setup, prove, verify) and powersoftau

Currently I’m flying solo, so come join in if you got the chutzpah!

“What’s all this ZK mumbo jumbo?” you say?

Well then, feast your eyes on this!

(fyi I’m not playing for or accepting prizes)


A few possible ideas for BUIDL week:


Enable purchasing of Status network assets with any token via proxy vaults: https://discuss.status.im/t/proxy-vaults-a-generalized-pattern-for-driving-status-network-engagement-and-value-accrual/1409

Create an importable “Status-api” for web DApps based on GitHub - vacp2p/waku-web-chat: Waku Web Chat POC

Get waku-web to interop with nim-waku.

Fork Snapshot voting and get it working with Status mobile.


Status Simple Sync


Technical process flows: Status Simple Sync - CodiMD


We break the problem of syncing into 2 parts.

  • On boarding identity from an active install to a new accountless install (private key transfer).
  • Data pairing and sync set up.

Identity syncing

  • Establish a LAN SSL connection between two devices
  • Chunk and encrypt private keys, and transfer encrypted keys
  • Reconstitute the private keys and create accounts based on the keys

Data Syncing

  • First 2 devices to enter syncing only require a single command on one of the devices to initiate syncing on both devices
  • All additional devices (n +2) check for presence of sync data in sync channel, asks user if they wish to also sync data with the sync channel
  • Unsyncing stops the device from publishing and reading to the sync channel

@ alI I’ve learned that many of you are waiting for more information on the voting process in anticipation Buidlweek prizes.

To be honest, there’s been a bit of a misunderstanding. Multiple goals got mixed up that affect how projects would be elected, hence the delay. Thanks for your patience!

Some of the goals for context:

  • Appoint winners!
  • Experiment with governance
  • Promote documenting a rationale and feasible implementation plan for proposals
  • Demonstrate ‘voting over Waku’ with Snapshot. If you look at the 207 projects using Snapshot you’ll recognize the potential of Snapshot adopting a solution that sends sign hashes over Waku

The last bullet is primarily what’s causing the hold up as there’s an issue with a ‘proprietary’ sign method that needs to be resolved before Snapshot can be used for voting (on Status Mobile).

I’ll keep you posted here and will share as soon as voting can commence

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A proposal has been set up on Snapshot that will likely be send out to the community and internally today, to call for a vote on the projects on Assemble. This will give us signal on the interest in/relevance of pprojects from point of view of the community and CC’s. @cyanlemons can you please ping in general and @people-ops when ready to publish?

  • A snapshot was taken when the proposal was created
  • Votes will be weighted by SNT balance at time of the snapshot (1 SNT = 1 vote)
    • i.e. If you want your vote to count, use an address that holds more SNT
  • At this point votes will not be send over Waku. In any case, voting will not require gas
  • Voting results will be taken as input by @people-ops along with Carl and Carly to assign winners of Buidlweek (cc @Terry)

cc @barry

NB: Next steps, for governance:

  • send sign hash over Waku
  • submit merkle root of all sign hashes on chain
  • have the multisig execute actions and move to direct onchain triggers at the end of a vote (i.e. distribute funds on Assemble based on voting outcome)

@all :mega: Voting for Buidlweek has started! https://twitter.com/ethstatus/status/1324758673453912066?s=20


You can cast your vote till Wednesday


29 votes in. Moderated channels are taking over! About 40 min left to change the tide :ocean:

Screenshot 2020-11-11 111949

Voting on the proposal is now closed! You can find the results here: https://snapshot.page/#/status/proposal/QmNuSwKgDLubzLSnoYPnJ5iqtZUjxCQmJMwWizXPKB31pi