We’d like to propose a #STATUSBUIDL Week - one of the ways we can promote innovation through experimentation. On #STATUSBUIDL Week, contributors are encouraged to take time away from their day-to-day work to collaborate and develop ideas for Status.

BUIDL: How to Get Started

  • Topics can be anything from making Status even easier to use, to testing out new features or tools that people might want to see in the app. Anyone want to test the Kudos DApp?
  • You will have four days to BUIDL and test your project or projects
  • For this first event, We are trialling it with primarily core contributors submissions (virtual Hackathons are something we’re thinking about next!). However, we 100% encourage anyone in the community to participate as well.

BUIDL: Timeline

Friday 5 April: Pitch Day Pitch Day will happen after Chaos Unicorn Day & Core Contributors will pitch their ideas for Projects. Each person/group will have 1-2 minutes to pitch their project. People will be able to join whatever project they wish.

Monday 8 April Day 1: Meet with your teams and get things started

Tuesday 9 April Day 2: Buidl’ing

Wednesday 10 April Day 3 Continue: Buidl’ing

Thursday 11 April Day 4: Will be a half day, You will be allowed to finish your projects until 12PM CET. Teams must submit their work by 12PM for judging. If you do not submit your project by 12PM CET, you cannot qualify to win a prize.


  • First Place: 10000 SNT + Status Backpacks
  • Second Place: 5000 SNT
  • Third Place: 2500 SNT

If you wish to continue working on your project after the week is over, you are of course more than welcome to put Bounties on it to keep it alive. Who knows, maybe it will becoming permanent part of the Status App!


What a great initiative!

If you don’t know what to hack on, here is a list of extension ideas


Would love to see more love given to extensions during statusbuidl as well as anything that can enhance communication in Status (ie seeing who is online in a chat)

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It would be great to put something together (project wise) for pitch day