Stories feature

Idea name: Stories feature
Description: Feature that gives the possibility to create short “stories” to be visible to your contacts.
Target user: All users, especially the younger ones.
Why this is important: I see that there is a very important audience for the growth of a platform and enthusiastic about new technology: young people. As well as the previous request for this audience, I believe that this is also important. There has been a huge growth in platforms that have created their own stories / status, from Instagram to YouTube. This type of resource is a trend especially among younger people. And it would be very important if Status had a similar feature to grow among younger audiences looking for more private options than Snapchat or Instagram.
Any other comments: A video that explains the growth of this trend among its target audience.

If you think this is a great idea and know how to implement it, consider posting a project proposal on Assemble.

Many people I know only post stories. The temporal nature of them just feels right to us because it’s like human communication.

Also, the horizontal feed that is used to distinguish from the vertical feed was a stroke of genius by the Instagram design team tbh

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While not exactly stories, we’re working on introducing status updates. These are messages you publish to your profile. Everyone who adds you as a contact will subscribe to your feed and receive your updates on their timeline. Every profile on the network will have its own feed of updates, I’m sure you get the gist of it.

Having a vertical format was something we considered but choose to abandon in favour of a dedicated timeline that shows all updates chronologically. I guess with time and us increasing network capacity, it might gain more of the capabilities you typically associate with stories, time will tell.


I like the idea of “ephemerality” behind the status / story features. Something similar to twitter is reasonably interesting, if you can define (in a future update (?)) A time to expire the publication.

For some, the accumulation of information on a timeline is a nightmare. There are still some important things: can you define who can see your posts, or will any contact see? This has to do directly with the individual’s privacy.

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