Subscriptions/Tools inventory

Hey all!

Not particularly fun to do, but something that hopefully will make our life easier :wink:. We’d like to get an inventory of all the tools/subscription we (collectively) use for Status, including who has super user/admin permissions, if it is paid through personal credit cards or through Status, who else manages the account and can add users, etc.

It happens quite regularly that questions gets posed in Slack when it’s already troubling someone (i.e. a subscription expired and the team using it is suddenly blocked - like this). Once we have an overview, we can start looking at streamlining (i.e. have accounts based on shared email addresses and have all details in LP; automate billing renewals, etc)

At your own pace (but possibly by September 30th), could you add any tool + details you’re aware of to this overview? I took a stab at starting with some of these we use from the People Ops side:

Cheers, let me know if questions (or if better ways to go about this) come to mind!


Woo! Thanks for taking this on @anon16796968. I’d maintained a list here:, but are happy for use to merge spreadsheets as this one wasn’t maintained properly.

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Thank you! Updated the “new” sheet with it