Swarm Orange Summit Log

I’ll be attending the Swarm Summit this week. Besides the opportunity to learn more about Swarm and getting first hand knowledge of the progress being made on the tech, I want to experiment the following ideas:

using Swarm feeds for Tribute to Talk

Instead of using a registry contract which requires a transaction to set up Tribute To Talk and puts the data about which user is using it, we would use swarm feeds to store the manifest containing tribute amount and tribute message. As a bonus this is the only solution that would work on all networks, optional network field would indicate on which network the payment can be made. I already have a branch for using swarm feeds in status-react, the reason it wasn’t done before is that there was a bug with feeds prior to v0.4 which got released last week.

using Swarm feeds for public profile

Public profile picture, public username, public whatever, this is actually just an extension of using feeds for tribute to talk. We can store all kind of public information in swarm feeds for other users to access without having to send them through whisper.

using swarm for sending images in chat

This one is often requested, if I have time to investigate it I will. It will depend on how easy it is to upload a picture encrypted with the sym key of a public chat.


Thank you Eric! Could you please elaborate about swarm feeds, why do you want to use it?

images in chat

maybe we could start from public channels first and do not encrypt pictures

Without explaining how it works in details Feeds allow you to store data on Swarm signed with your address, that other people knowing the topic and your address can retrieve. This is the ideal solutions for things like TTT manifests and public profiles, where all I know is the public-key of a user.

yes put that is easy just upload on swarm and read from it I want to ask around about the encryption schemes