Tech Talks - thoughts?

Low priority right now, but thought I’d throw it out there for discussion to see where people are at as we have no sessions scheduled in the near future, and I was wondering whether to get some more in the calendar.

How has everyone found Tech Talks, and does the series merit continuing (either as is, or with modifications)? Is this a worthwhile use of our time/resources?


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For those of us who are new, can we get a quick recap of what those are/were?

Hi bruno, you can see some tech talk videos on the main Status YouTube channel here :slight_smile:

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Oh this is great, I’d love to even contribute to this and make a few myself. I say let’s keep it going. I can do an intro to Nim, or getting Nimbus up and running, for example. Or maybe even how to generate your random Status name through your own little Nim script, etc.

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+1 to learning how to generate your random status name would be cool! :slight_smile:

Just a thought I’m having seeing this. I’d say, ask what people are interested in and do tech talks on them, if it is not how it is done already.