The Crypto Social Ecosystem - What web2 social networks should be decentralized?

The ecosystem of Crypto Social is growing. Early forms of decentralized organization are quickly evolving into entire networks that behave more like digital nations vs limited, legacy Web2 social media platforms.

See a shortlist of projects driving Crypto Social platform here – from DAOs and content creation tools to social tokens and collaboration.

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  • What other crypto social projects are available today?
  • What web2 social networks would you want to see decentralized?
  • Which of these services/platforms do you use?
  • What do you like/dislike about the experience?

Maybe $CHZ from can be considered a Social Crypto application.
$CHZ is considered the rocket fuel for the platform, where users can trade for Fan tokens and voting in decisions for their favorite teams, having exclusive access to some information, also engagement-based team rewards and recognition.

Decentraland is a great gaming example.

LocalCryptos a good marketplace example.

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Twitch would be interesting. They take a huge cut from streamers’ revenue, but the massive amount of data that streaming requires is a pretty big obstacle. A streaming platform that is more directly supportive of creators is a pretty big opportunity though - Twitch is a pretty hostile environment to new streamers because of how much growth is required before it becomes a source of income, let alone a viable source of income, for the streamers.

Would be cool to have architecture that supported financial exchange without needing a centralized approval process

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Fees. Just the fees lol.

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They allow independent content creators to make a living + smaller but vibrant communities :blush:
Unfortunately, they have been subject to censorship recently because they are by design centralized. The platform’s cut could also be considered high :cold_sweat: (between 5 & 12%).

Web3 techs such as IPFS, Filecoin, Status, BAT or Sablier could be used to build an alternative.

Creaton looks very promising :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What other crypto social projects are available today?

  • Developer DAO. We’re onboarding, educating and supporting web3 developers to build cool open source public goods together.

What web2 social networks would you want to see decentralized? What do you like/dislike about them?

  • I would love to see decentralized. is a place to save content, create collections over time and connect ideas, privately or with other people. With no ads, likes, or recommendations, it’s a more mindful space where you can work through any project over time. In my opinion, pivoting to a decentralized storage solution in lieu of AWS would be an ideal first step.

  • Discord has become the defacto home for web3 socializing however is inefficient and unorganized for large communities. Read more here: Why Discord’s Crypto Clash Matters. One of the drawbacks of using Discord for community building is the lack of customizability when it comes to community branding.