This week's kudos shout outs

I zipped through these quickly in the Town Hall, adding them here with more info :slight_smile:

Massive kudos to :partying_face::

  • JB – For: Helping with due diligence and interviewing a potential Incubatee
    – From: Incubate team

  • Jinho – For: Doing a fantastic job organizing the first Status meetup in Korea, introducing the team to the awesome Nonce community, arranging a (in production) interview for UXR with Blockmedia, and being an awesome host.
    – From: Hester

  • SDH & HJ Lee – For: Their continuous involvement in the Korean community and bringing us such a well documented list of issues and feature requests, collected from the community over the last year.
    – From: Hester

  • Patrick – For: An expertly organized home visit study in Seoul and maintaining his magical calm in manging this effort in tandem with a host of other activities for Status.
    – From: Hester

Thanks to everyone that sent in nominations, and awesome work to those nominated :raised_hands:t2: