Transparency & Swarm Updates

The focused swarms has made a great impact on the organization of content as of late. The structure in both the Town Hall and the Core Dev Calls has been very well received by the community and overall social engagement/impressions of the blog recaps have been higher than usual.

It also enables the community and comms team to structure the regular content we put out across all of our channels. With that, I propose we push out the following content on a monthly basis to bring about greater transparency and also more digestible recaps of the work being done:

  • Town Hall (Fortnightly) - a quick snapshot of the progress made and a deep dive on a particular swarm/topic. High level overview and intended for ALL community members

  • Core Dev Call (fortnightly) - recap of the core dev call along with more technical snapshot of each active swarm. Links to GH, specific issues and technical discussion (intended for more technical community members)

  • Comms Call(fortnightly) - Hutch and I will host bi-weekly comms calls to walk through the latest initiatives a well as editorial calendar. Intent is to get ahead of weekly comms and also invite community members to share their thoughts and opinions.

  • Swarm Deep Dives (2 per week) - we will create a blog post providing details of each active swarm once per month. This will provide an opportunity to collate all the information from all the various platforms into one readable blog post:

    • Overview of Swarm - with Summary, goals, team, status, channels, and relevant docs
    • Intro - a recap of the swarm activity over the past month
    • Recap - what was achieved last month. This can be issues, stories, or epics closed, design iterations complete, UI implemented, research conducted
    • Key Challenges and Decisions Made - call out what the team overcame. What tradeoffs were made, if any and why
    • Current State of Swarm - what is being done now. Assets, demos, etc
    • Next Steps
    • Ways to get involved
    • Links to bounties
    • Links to all relevant documentation and channels

I will dedicate a majority of my time pulling all the relevant info from all the various notes, GH issues, figma files, and core dev calls. So this should not really be any additional time needed from the team. Ill just need someone to review the posts and vet for technical accuracy.

For the sake of getting this started, we have created a template for the first 2 swarm update blogs - SWARM 311-Protocol & 313-Sticker-Market. Draft template here

To get an overview of the posting cadence we have created a Q1 monthly editorial calendar here. If there are significant developments that you want to be timed with a progress update, please call it out here (i.e. Protocol Research update will be the first one as it follows the meetup in Brussels)

This relates to core Status Swarms as we will have separate comms plans for Keycard, Nimbus, and Embark.

The one bit of feedback we have received on the TH and Core Dev call blog posts is the long format of the post itself. We will create updated design templates to better present such a large amount of information in one post.

The goal is to present the all the information available in a single point once per month. Hopefully making it easy for anyone (technical and non technical) to know exactly where swarm progress stands and provide simple ways to contribute and get involved (wether it be through technical bounties or dissemination of information).