Trial periods - what next?

Trial periods for newer joiners have been on hold while discussions about the GmbH 2.0 have been progressing. Now seems like a good time to refresh how we do trials, look at what worked well and what didn’t, and figure out a next version of this that fits with our new chapter.

Throwing this out there to everyone so we can crowdsource improvements:

  • What worked/didn’t work in our previous incarnation of trial periods?
  • What changes would you like to see? Do you think trials should continue at all?
  • Do you think probation period is a less confusing name than trial period (we’ve heard that “trial” is misleading as it evokes a pre-hire period)
  • To what extent should this be centralised with/supported by People Ops?
  • Who makes the final decision on trial outcome - team leads?

Cheers! c