Tribute to Talk bypass using NFT

Idea name: Public figures and Status core contributors can grant other users an non-fungible token (ERC-721) that is unique to Status messenger, which can allow the recipient to bypass Tribute to Talk settings for the issuer

Description: As a user with Tribute to Talk enabled, I want to grant other trusted Status users a Status-specific NFT which enables the granted user to bypass my Tribute to Talk settings

Use case: Public figures may want to whitelist other public figures, Status core contributors, and friends to remove chat friction, and not require that the recipient use tokens

Target user: Grants would most likely be from public figures who wish to provide developers, fans, and friends the ability to initiate contact without the recipient having to possess/use SNT

Why this is important:

  • Public figures may be hesitant to invite other public figures and friends to Status to chat with them if the invited users have to use tokens to initiate private messages, especially while SNT can not be purchased directly with fiat
  • This encourages other users to earn the NFTs of public figures through social activities such as contests or random drawings

Any other comments:

  • To allow an account to grant these tokens, public figures could authenticate against a social media account that has a verified badge and/or high follower count (factoring in the following to followers ratio), and Status core contributors could authenticate against a Google Apps account
  • The NFT recipient could be the source of payment for the Ethereum transaction fee, or NFTs could be granted using a sidechain, or Status could pay transaction fees based on the public figure’s follower count (up to a certain amount) and/or a specific number of times per duration or account lifetime
  • NFTs could also be issued with one, some, or none of the following features
    • Visual customization(s) by the issuer such as backgrounds, borders, colors, and/or icons
    • Customization(s) by the recipient, perhaps as a SNT use case
    • Granted as non-transferrable
    • Ceases to function as a Tribute to Talk bypass after a certain date/time/duration/use
    • Burned once Tribute to Talk is bypassed
    • Badge-style display of each received NFT on a user profile
    • Display of the quantity of collected NFTs as visible user profile metadata

Please feel free to ask questions about any aspect of this suggestion. If you like this idea, vote for it!

I love this idea. It also makes me thing, NFT’s or specific tokens can grant access to exclusive channels or other material in the app.

For statusbuild week, ive been thinking about designing a scavenger hunt / mini game inside of Status in which people can unlock NFTs and other cool things. These NFTs can unlock elements of the messenger (and maybe even the community). Gamifying the initial experience (proven to drive retention) and incentivizing participation.

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Thanks so much for your feedback, @jonathan… and that sounds like another awesome use of NFTs, especially as part of the moderated channels feature! Your #statusbuidl week idea sounds amazing, as well… I can’t get enough of gamification in any product I use. :slight_smile: I can’t wait to hear about whatever you (and others) hack together, even if it doesn’t turn out to be NFT-related.

I have a lot of fresh ideas for UI/UX improvements (especially in regards to onboarding, as part of retention) and community involvement, which I’ll be posting here on Discourse later this week.

Look at platforms like Twitter. The solution there is much simpler. “Allow messages from people I follow”.

This solution also allows the ability to revoke this if you unfollow a person. An NFT wouldn’t be able to be undone.

Also, the more twitter-like solution would sync well with a future “trusted contacts” feature for things like social account recovery. If there’s a contact and then additionally a trusted contact.


@salutary_songbird: Thank you for commenting! That sounds like an elegant solution, and I’m all for that… but it may not yet apply, as “following” doesn’t occur at the protocol level. Adding contacts only occurs on your own device… no centralized server tracks it, and no negotiation ever occurs. I can also think of reasons that I would add a contact, but not want that person to be able to message me privately… but if a protocol change was made, it could be an explicit option in the contact manager.

I suggested the use of NFTs as a complementary Tribute to Talk feature because that feature will already require tokens to deter unsolicited messages. Any user can still block any other user at any time, even after issuing them a non-transferable token with no expiry date. The exchange of NFTs creates potential SNT use cases, plus tokenizes celebrity. I envision it as a social token for a social feature, at a time when NFTs are already reselling for much more than their purchase price.

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Great idea! I like this specific addition of it being complementary of Tribute to Talk. More like an NFT based on proof of payment.

Would you say this would be a regular ERC721 or a non-transferable badge (i.e. I pay to talk to you, you give me an NFT, I can’t send that to anyone else to bypass any tribute to talk you set)?

I can imagine pros and cons for whether the token is transferable or not

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