Understanding github contribution trends from non-core contributors

Context: For an open source project, we’re heavily reliant on salaried members of the Status team, and don’t have enough contribution from outside the organisation. T

AFAIK, we don’t have a good way of understanding the volume of contribution to Status from non-salaried team members. Nor do we have a good way of flagging newly contributing members of the community. I suggest we implement some basic metrics to understand where we’re at, and to track improvements in the future. As a bonus, these metrics could also help us onboard new community members in a friendly & efficient manner.

Suggested metrics (reported weekly):

  • Number of contributors per repo.
  • Number of repo stars.
  • Ratio of core contributors to general contributors.
  • Number of new contributors that join, per week, per repo.
  • Bonus: some sort of automation that alerts us when a new member starts contributing (first issue) so we can reach out, say hi and offer a welcoming onboarding to the Status community.

This could be done manually, but it would be really helpful to have some automation involved.

Possible solutions

Would anyone be interested in helping me get this up and running, or can you suggest better alternatives?



Agree a metrics dashboard could help with more meaningful glances.

There is a bot that listens for first time commits to a repository from status and links to this survey,

So the automation point is to a degree already there, but could be improved with a wider group understanding / more public feedback.

Would love to share access for all wanting to contribute/ understanding of external contributions.

Also myself and @yalu have been following up with contributions directly from pull requests to understand motivation as I’ve been managing bounties over the last few months. Sooner than later this should be a big scaling factor or the ambassadors platform (in particular developers relations) board here._


Oh that’s awesome @Hutch. Would love to take a look re: the results.
Will grab us some time to sync!

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@oskarth had done some work on this awhile back, where we were modeling retention curves and comparing them with ours, in ours we ended up including the paid core contributors.

You can see a relic of it here https://analytics.status.im/ under “Crypto OSS”

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Yeah, let me know if you want to talk more about this and thinking around it @j12b - feel free to book sync time here Calendly - Oskar

Setup a very basic report here for status-react/status-go/swarms. See example here: Weekly Digest (19 April, 2019 - 26 April, 2019) · Issue #8052 · status-im/status-mobile · GitHub

Bounty for improving it: Create a contribution reporting tool to provide basic GitHub contribution stats · Issue #66 · status-im/people-ops · GitHub