Used it for 5 days and feel like this can be a threat to discord? Here are some feature requests

I used this application on my Mac for 5 full days and it has some serious chance to compete against the likes of discord. Status would do a lot better than discord as it’s decentralized but misses some discord’s features. Here are the things status needs.

  • Custom roles
  • Create Communities (Not/instead of Groups) directly from the app.
  • Ability to add your own pfp to your community
  • A column/space on the status app where you can find/search for existing communities with numbers of people online and total number of people like discord does called “Explore Public Servers”

Discord is leading at this area but status has some serious chance being decentralized. Matrix’s development is very slow, please add these features.

@MrLuxury thanks for your feedback! You’ll be glad to hear that ‘communities’ are actively being worked on. Others are in a better position to provide more details if you’d like to know more


That’s awesome man! Would like to know more info about it!

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Nice suggestion, agreed!


you can try it here (can be found under Profile → Advanced → Experimental Features)

please bear in mind it’s WIP, but we appreciate bug reports

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