Videos from the Hackathon in Prague

I have asked this in Status several times but the messages seems to get lost in the noise and people forget to follow up so I thought it best to ask here. Are there any videos from Prague aside from the day 1 recording and townhall available on the Youtube channel? In particular, videos of the recipients accepting rewards for the hacking, or any other similar materials? Can someone point me to some links if available please? Asking because one of the winners contacted me about this.

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You will find some interview videos featuring our core contributors soon. I’ve worked on the 7 video subtitles recently and am waiting for additional design work from a third-party designer.

Besides the interview videos during Cryptolife, I don’t have information about it.

Hey @Bruno unfortunately the winners were not recorded. Only streamed live via livepeer.

The team interviews are coming up as @Jinho stated.

Thanks for the info, that puts it to rest :slight_smile:

@Bruno I have some audio recordings of all the winners (sans one that declined). We were going to make a podcast recording of it but that fell through during our recent changes. I’d be happy to ship them over to you or discuss what we can do to get it published.

Awesome, let’s get those up on Soundcloud or something easy to access? Or did you have anything else in mind?

You can find the Cryptolife interview videos at the following link.

The designer working on the videos started the work after the new year holidays so we received the videos a little bit late.

  • Full videos: finished
  • Full videos with Korean subtitles: finished
  • Short videos with English subtitles (Ident, can be used for social media): WIP
    (Some EN subtitles need to be corrected)

Thank you for your patience.

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Thank you, that’ll help!