Virtual Events Outreach & Partnerships

As we move into virtual event attendance season, we’re exploring ways to be involved with virtual events across communities that align with various Status principles, user acquisition goals, and SNT Utility goals. This post is to solicit thoughts about various methods and communities to accomplish this.

For example, we’ve been targeting art communities (digital and street) because they are prime places for us to bring sticker art into the mobile app, fill the sticker market with great content for users, and continue to provide the means for SNT to be used in app. We were talking to #ArtProject Decentralized to think about ways to create makerspaces at conferences to help onboard artists getting their stickers into the app and start earning SNT.

Now that we have virtual events, we want to think about ways to use art to create meaningful experiences for all attendees, and foster a quality relationship with the artist communities that drives sticker market submissions. What would those look like?

I am asking for your ideas, your contacts, your enthusiasm, and your critiques about digital art and virtual events. What would keep you more engaged in virtual conference talks, events, or meetups? What can we highlight with art that needs to be talked about during a global pandemic? What other art communities would benefit from outreach like thi? What am I not thinking about approaching this topic?