Waku: Decentralized Communication for Web3

We value decentralization, because it protects users, privacy, and mitigates censorship. We value Web3, because it demonstrates that we've had enough of the problems of centralization, privacy violation, and censorship that plagued Web2, and we're building an internet that is evolving past these problems.

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Interesting ideas. I used to think that finance/currency was going to be the most troublesome service to wrest from control of embedded entities but–in the last 6 months to a year–I’ve switched to believe that it will be communication. Decentralization ideas can be corrupted by finance and cause a revert to form, if you cynically view those ideas as a fad–as many in the traditional financial industry are apt to do. Imagine the value of efficient consensus building when peer to peer communication is resilient in the face of invested entities. very interesting.

This is really interesting.