Waku v2 WebRTC subprotocol for voice and video chat

So one thing I have been thinking about is how to easily add video / voice calling to status. It’s one of the features people use quite often in other messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram etc. One way to be able to do it, is if status nodes or waku nodes can act as ICE servers, this way we don’t need to use those by google. Additionally we can then also make Waku nodes act as signalling servers to start webrtc connections. If a user signals on a wakunode for another user to join a call, that node will send a message to the client request with the WebRTC SDP. That way they can then open up a webrtc connection for voice calls.

This was just a rough thought off the top of my head.

Having experimented with WebRTC recently, it shouldn’t be all too challenging.


This will be great to get closer to feature-parity with other messengers.


any updates on this?

I’m also interested in learning more about this! :bulb:

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Hi there!

We are also very interested in WebRTC for Waku v2.

On js-waku side (Waku v2 in the browser), we are tracking it here: WebRTC Exploration · Issue #20 · waku-org/js-waku · GitHub. It is high on the priority list. Items with higher priority being related to developer experience.

As you mentioned, we most likely need Waku node to act as ICE servers. Part of the work in the issue quoted would be to explore feasible design/architecture. If you already have knowledge about this, feel free to comment on the issue!


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