Wall of Shame Basel edition illustrated

tldr: pretty pictures, look at them

Current effort

As part of the Principles Seminar, we are generating a new wall of shame. It’s more like a book at this point. We will vote on the priority of addressing these issues in Prague. See Wall of shame, Prague edition - CodiMD for more

Basel wall of shame illustration

Given the scope, implications and connections of our principles and wall of shame, I thought it’d interesting to visualize how they are connected, their relative importance and their current state. I did this for the ones in Basel, as you can see Wall of shame, Prague edition - CodiMD

As this is a semi-manual process, it’s mostly the top 10 issues (our Core OKR) that have been filled out. If you hover over it you get more details, and if you click on it you get taken to that item’s home page / a call to action to do something about it. You can see this here: Wall of Shame, Basel - CodiMD

Unfortunately this view isn’t zoomable, so I made some images. These are however not hover or clickable:

All start

Top 10 start

Top 10 now

The Future

As you can see, we have a lot of work to do. And this isn’t even using the updated list, which looks like it’ll be on the order of ~100 items.

Zooming out a bit, imagine having this view that anyone can look at and figure out where to contribute to. You can zoom in filter by principle or relevant skills, and go straight to the best place to contribute and learn more about it. Depending on how grave the problems are, different rewards are attached to it. I think that’s a pretty powerful tool, if we choose to develop it further in this direction.

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