Wallet functionalities and maximum adoption

Hello! Unsolicited thought experiment… Feel free to critique and comment. I sort of feel that wallet experience controls such a large part of crypto adoption and it has to be sufficiently ‘web2-like’ to allow for the next waves of large adoptions. Furthermore, functionalities such as user experience abstraction, biometric integration, social recovery, pseudonymous identification integration, and creditworthiness will play increasingly important roles as competition stack on existing wallet offerings which are in lock steps with dapp development. Arguably mass adoption requires sufficient abstractions to meet the logins standards of today while providing IOS integration. Meanwhile, the holy grail of user experience may or may not look something akin to the following: RFID chip on Apple pay to pay with crypto and crypto royalty programs. One button phygital goods purchase where physical good is delivered and digital good is airdropped on payment mobile wallet. The same mobile wallet incorporates cold storage, NFT, credit score, identification, & social recovery. I understand that Status wallet isn’t necessarily a mass-market product per se. However, I struggle to think anything less than a product-market fit proposition will survive the marketplace in the long run, even if the offerings are deemed as sufficiently adequate for its niche audiences.