Wallet integration lead - Waku M2M applications

Wallet integration lead - Waku M2M applications [remote]

There is a new team forming within Status, a team that will focus on building adoption of Waku M2M (machine to machine) messaging with DApps and wallets.

We need to enable DApps to utilize Waku in a completely decentralized fashion, we need to create an API that client side DApp code can use to communicate over Waku via the integration of this API into wallets.

We are looking for someone that can define and create the interfaces, libraries, tools, documentation and examples needed to enable the creation of DApps that utilize Waku M2M messaging, and drive the adoption of this functionality with DApp authors and wallets.

Building on top of the work of the existing Waku protocol, this person will undertake a mix of development tasks (create the interfaces, components and tools to facilitate the creation of Waku M2M enabled Wallets and DApps) and developer relations outreach activity (to promote and support Waku M2M messaging with DApp authors and 3rd party wallets).

Watch this space, job description to be posted shortly.


Let me share this to the public. Thanks @TeoC

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