Wallet shows (incorrect) zero balance

I have private key in Keycard. Logged in today, and see zero balance. I can see in explorer that is not the case.

At top of screen, I see “Transfers history could not be updated. Check your connection and pull down to try again.”

History does show both incoming transactions, but with zero confirmations (they are like 3 years old, and def confirmed).

I saw ETH and USDC balances within the last week or so. USDC balance showed zero earlier today (but ETH still showed). Now both show zero.

I know balance is still at address, but I am unable to move it because wallet shows zero.



@0xj4ksa tagging you as I’ve seen you have been helpful in these forums in the past and hopeful you can assist here as well (sorry if that’s a double tag, not sure if the previous message was in DM with someone else)

@cryptoBender @KevDev it’s not enough money worth scamming

In case someone comes across the same issue. I found the problem was the node being connected to was dead/down/idk.

At account>advanced>network, I added a custom network to some mainnet rpc found online. Now balance shows in wallet

@status - in your new app 2.0, would be good to have a simpler method to change node (or, if there is an inbuilt way to select node, please advise - I’d prefer it)

All the best, and good luck