What I think we're (at least partially doing) as an organization


I think our main “on brand” message as Status is this:

Go build useful shit without our permission, we’ll try and build useful shit to help you do that.



I’ve actually had people ask me how they can make their own Status client and I don’t know what to tell them.

Making your own client is not as clear as, say, with Matrix.

I agree that we haven’t made it as easy as we’d like it to be, but what do you mean by “make your own client” ?

  • build out a community?
  • build an interface that works on different networks?
  • add plugins to the already existing client so that it does what you want?

All of these things are similar, we allow for all of them (open source software), but how easy it is is a different story.

For example, my friend is a React Native developer. Can she build an app and use Status as the messaging system within the app? Is there an SDK with createNewChat and chat.sendMessage methods?

Or can she build an alternative to Status itself, just with a different design philosophy? Or is Status intended to be the canonical app that everyone uses?

you can absolutely do either of those things. Waku is an open network, anyone can use it as their messaging platform.

You have two options there, run your own waku network and send messages however you like. Those messages will not be understood by Status so Status users won’t see them.

Or you could form messages that are in compliance with our message format, and be sure to have your clients connect to our waku network. Then your client would see the same messages that are sent on our network, and we would see yours.

Of course, you’d have to follow all encryption protocols so that you could decrypt them when you got them.

All of these details are in the specifications repositories of both the Status client and the underlying Waku network.

Is there no SDK to make these things easier to implement? For example, can a front-end dev use an SDK or do they also need back-end programming experience to write a server from scratch?

The spec documentation makes it seem like you’re writing everything from scratch