What is your preferred Keycard logo?

We’re exploring new possibilities for the Keycard logo! This logo will be on Keycard itself, but also on the packaging, and our website.

Please check these options and vote for the logo you prefer. You can also comment in the thread below about what you think of the position of the logo on the card.

If you don’t like any of those options, please don’t hesitate to say so !!

My favorite logo is:

  • Current logo
  • Logo 1
  • Logo 2
  • Logo 3
  • Logo 4
  • None of these really, please provide something else :slight_smile:
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I prefer the current logo, and would prefer it to be location bottom right of the card.

I quite like the existing logo, but it would look better and more attractive with the more balanced main glyph. I picture situations where it could be used without the lettering part, and it’s quite hard to balance in the space with such proportions. That’s why I voted for number 3 since the glyph is nicely done, but in this case, it doesn’t tell any story.

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I like the design logo on the current keycard and also the design on logo 4 (bottom).

Given this, I played around with these and made both design logos bigger and placed them in the bottom right.

I now prefer the current logo but in the bottom right corner. I will include a couple of pics if I can just to play devils advocate.

FWIW I asked my girlfriend and kids and they all prefer logo 4 (bottom) design.

Looking forward to launch :slight_smile:


4개다 비슷하지만 그래도 로고4가 그중에 더 괜찮은것 같아요

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It means logo 4 is better than the others although all the logos look similar

I love the current logo & logo 4. I voted for 4 because it’s cleaner. I’m probably too hung up on the chip in the mock-up; the chip design of the current logo feels weirdly repetitive in my eyes.

Prefer bottom right, too.

I prefer current logo, bottom right. I do miss some Status branding. The card color helps, but I’m not sure how true to color the printed card is. cc @ned

Hey Hester

To be honest, I came into this project the day before the printing deadline. I created some of these options quickly the day before the proto production deadline to see if we could create a better logo.

I also believe the design work should be considered and explored before deciding and immediately going into printing without having considered the whole system. The complete system is more important than the logo itself. I find it difficult to assess without seeing how everything can work together.

I would mention about option 4 is that it does incorporate the logo and word mark together. This is one advantage that solves many problems.

Originally KeyCard was including the Status brand but now is distancing itself due to scalability on its own so there is no connection needed. The packaging, materials and printing will play the most crucial role on how KeyCard is received. Everything happened slightly too fast and backwards building a brand identity, website and materials.

Below is my current study moving into web templates and a guideline. This is not finished but gives an indication of how it can start. I also feel we should introduce more modern colors to the cards and identity rather than this sad, corporate blue.


That’s all from my side at the moment so hopefully upon the official launch, the system will be complete and reflect into the production details.

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I also feel we should introduce more modern colors to the cards and identity rather than this sad, corporate blue.

PREACH :clap: This is my main issue with the design actually, not the logo itself. As for the proposals, the 4th logo has the nicest typography with the bolder weight and helvetica-ish sans. no.3 is aesthetically pleasing and nicely executed as far as the shape goes but I feel the connection between it and the word mark is disjointed there. The current one feels too noisy to me and maybe a simplified design could help there.
Having said all that, I’m looking forward to the entire system Ned mentioned take shape.


I think it’d be cool if people could pick the design on their card, like you can do with a credit/bank card. Here’s something I made up, I can make more/take requests. https://imgur.com/a/L7DidEK

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