Why do stickers have a fixed SNT price?

What would be the down side to replacing the button with a slider for the cost of stickers in the Status app (minimum amount still being 20 SNT [or what artist set])?

My thought process is that:

  1. Some users may pay more if they loved a particular sticker pack or artist.
  2. Users currently have no easy way to “tip” an artist any amount in excess of the fixed button amount (unless they go on a mission to find the artists details somewhere).

If the slider idea couldn’t be beautifully incorporated into the UI or would make for poor UX, what about also having a “tip” button on a sticker pack that would show up even if the pack had already been purchased?

Was just thinking about this after seeing news regarding the sticker contest (which is a great initiative).


@cryptowanderer might have some neat ideas about how we can introduce sticker scarcity by pricing packs according to a bonding curve.


Cool idea @CallMeGwei. Tipping seems to me the simpler way to assign addtl value to a pack/creator you love. For an MVP, we could link to a public wallet address for the creator.

Before I read to the bottom, I assumed this was getting at popularity as a driver of price.

Initially we did discuss certain sticker packs being rare. Correct me if I’m wrong @ricardo3 - but stickers are based on ERC721 so we can actually make packs scarce in the future.

Tipping idea is good :slight_smile:

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The registration of a sticker has a benefactor’s address associated with it. Just showing that in the UI with the ability to send funds to it would be a start.

That benefactor, and the ownership’s ability to change it, is also an NFT, btw.


Yeah, this is really interesting. I would say that tipping is a good and easy place to start which can be quickly designed and implemented.

I.t.o. using popularity as a driver of price, and perhaps throwing a curve or two at the problem longer term. I know that @okwme has done some really interesting work on making NFTs re-fungible, and using curves in interesting ways within such a setup. The basic idea would be to create an ERC20 token and set it as the owner of the sticker pack NFT instead of the creator’s EOA: Re-Fungible Token (RFT). What happens when a Bonded Token owns… | by Billy Rennekamp | Medium