Proposals for Monday in Prague

With Prague coming up in 4 weeks :eyes:, we should start to solidify plans for face to face planning + OKRs + Town Hall time.

Monday is semi-reserved for this. There are parallel events events already taking place (i.e. ETH Magicians and the Sharding Event). For those who aren’t going to either of those events, Monday morning/early afternoon is perfect for OKR and general quality F2F time. For those that are going to a parallel event, try and carve out time during the hackathon or on Tuesday to get together with your team!

The Town Hall is currently scheduled for late afternoon (after sharing event finishes), until ~dinner time. If anyone has ideas/proposals about timing, schedules, presentations they want to see (or give!), then please put them into the Discuss post or in Slack. We can then start to finalise the agenda and ensure as many people can attend as possible :).

See you all soon!

Noting it here to gauge interest!

I’m waiting for an estimate to confirm Jim for a ‘presentation’ or ‘workshop-like’ slot at the town hall - on transitions/changes/learning and appreciating the process of letting go, for about 1 hour + a slot on the Monday or Tuesday to talk about leadership when there are no leaders, sign up open to whoever wants to join, 2-3 hours.

Do folks think it’s a good idea and would be interested in it? :slight_smile:

Looks like Monday’s gonna be a really busy day :wink: Whatever else, would be great to make sure that whatever formal stuff there is (presentations!) get recorded.

EF brought one of those 360 cameras for the sharding event in Berlin - this could be a cool way to capture a live round-table discussion if the venue is set up this way - could also be over the top too though, wdyt?

How about something like this for OKRs?

Now til Prague: Teams begin OKR brainstorming and share relevant information on for the community to learn about their goals, user problems, etc.

Morning of Tuesday 30 October: All-team OKR process overview (and update on voting DApp?).
Outcome: Understanding of next steps; alignment on org-level objectives before drafting team OKRs.

Tuesday 30 October: Teams spend time during their offsite on their specific OKRs, pulling in feedback from the community and discussing org-level objectives. We could potentially stream the team offsites on Livepeer to be inclusive.
Outcome: OKRs prepared by each team and seeded into the voting DApp for prioritisation.

Wednesday 31 October - Wednesday 7 November: OKR voting via DApp

Will be live-streaming and recording the event?

Thanks for the feedback everyone

  • @rajanie yep I think we should live stream the event (at least the Town Hall part - see below)
  • @rachel I moved the OKR proposal discussion over here. The days are changed from your proposal, but my gut feeling is that different teams/swarms will plan on different days anyway.

Considering the silence over the past week, I assume that people are OK with Monday being the Town Hall day. On that note, perhaps we can structure the day as follow:

  • 4pm to 5pm: Jarrad + Carl founders roundtable/chat, and Q&A.
  • 5pm to 7pm: Scheduled discussions/presentations (maybe a break in between). See below for content…
  • 7pm onwards: Team dinner

WE NEED YOUR HELP - During the 5pm to 7pm slot/schedule, what topics do you want to have presented?
Some random ideas:

  • Should we do 10m team updates like in the Town Hall?
  • Should we have 2m lighting demo’s from the Hackathon?
  • Do you have something new and crazy you want to share?
  • Do you want to have a deep dive into our Principles?

Feel free to share your ideas here in Discuss or on Slack, then we can create a Polly or use the voting DApp to determine what people really want to do during our rare F2F time all together.


Demos would be cool IMO, as we don’t all have a lot of opportunity to see demos live in-person often.

The incubate team will be having their mini-offsite on Monday morning.

  • Agreed with demos.
  • At the end, what if we did a shoutouts section for people who got the most kudos?
  • Introduce all new hires live in person.
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I like the idea of demos - project updates of what happened during the Hackaton - as well as @rajanie’s point to shout out people.
It’s maybe already in the planning but would love a presentation from you + founders (+ whoever else of course who wants to be in it) on `what the future looks like for us as DAO’.

That would be really cool - happy to help out in putting this together :slight_smile:


Where? the hackathon venue or the hotel?

I’d like to reserve some time to give a brief overview of our wall of shame, as discovered by the principles seminar.

+1 on the demos and deep dives.

A presentation about the state of finance, including current and future scenarios could be a good way to increase transparency and involvement - cc @Dani ?


Agree, will do. Thanks for tagging


With regards to finance, and a follow-up from my comments in the recent principles marathon - transparency talk:

As a core contributor, I have no idea about the following:

  • What does Status spend money on (percentage distribution)?
  • What is the current runway / burndown / milestones? Do they even exist?
  • How does Status make / plan to make money?
  • What are the current procedures and methodologies of spending / holding crypto (ICO revenue / entity allocation) between various fiat-legal entities?

This lack of information leaves me in the dark about evaluating whether or not my role as a core-contributor is solidly intact, and secure for a foreseeable future. I am also not able to weigh in on how I might think the company could become more efficient w.r.t. finances, how to bolster the security of the financial procedures we have, or whether I align personally with what is currently in place.

A solid note to take into account is that some of this information is potentially sensitive w.r.t. individuals, the company as a whole, and should be approached as such. If I’m having trouble seeing into the abyss as a CC, then those outside of the organization trying to evaluate whether or not they should buy SNT for the long haul has to trust that we are doing things, and simply can’t make informed decisions outside of that trust and our product development.

We are a company, and it behooves us to have a gameplan to be around and producing this product we care so much about so much for a VERY long time.


Thanks Corey! Those are important inputs that we take up and will come back asap with an answer.

Would be happy to present the work on our website then, shortly, and give everyone an overview of our IA in particular.

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@Dani to add to @petty’s post, i would also be interested in understanding the following:

  1. What kind of hedging strategies have we employed to offset our large exposure in ETH?
  2. Do we have a contingency plan if ETH goes to $50?

Note i appreciate that some of this may be sensitive information so a general understanding would suffice.

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